Hi, I'm Tamara Young. I'm so glad you found me!

Now that you're here, I have a few questions:
  • What style of shoes are you wearing?
  • What color are they?
  • Where have you been in them?
  • More important, where are you going in them?

Shoes can really tell you a lot about a person's life huh? Oh me? Well, I'm wearing a pair of 4 inch leather sandals with stones down the T-strap and wooden heels. They make me stand tall and feel fierce and earthy at the same time. I've been on vacation in them, church, dates, and even shoe shopping in them! Maybe I'll be wearing them when we meet to discuss your photo shoot.

I love shoes. I love people, too. I love shoes and I love people and love it when I get to photograph the two together. I mean really, I'm a self-professed lover of all things shoes. I'll buy a pair just make change! If food is shaped like shoes, in my mind I think I must taste it. I really like a good bowl of grits and some sun tea every now and then, too. (But I'll take a yummy cupcake any day of the week for any reason.)

I'm also very passionate about travel and music. When a good song comes on, I start to move without thinking about it. In case you're wondering, YES, I'm that girl in the car singing at the top of her lungs and making faces as if she's performing for a crowd of 50,000. I should also mention that I'm a Southern girl, born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and now residing in scenic Southern, California with my beautiful, funny and sweet daughter, Marti.

Of course, being Southern and all, I'll probably want to hug you because that's just what we do. I hope you don't think that it's all about shoes, cupcakes and dancing. I'm actually something like a recovering tomboy. My hammer and measuring tape are pink and I do enjoy a fine cigar, a car show, or a loud adrenaline filled action movie!

As a photographer, the human spirit moves me. The sheer resilience of some astounds me. I've seen and experienced so much life that I could not begin to tell you how much I truly value it. Yet I feel that the journey has only just begun. There's so much more to explore and so many wonderful and interesting people to meet....like you.

I don’t strive to make photographs that just preserve the memory of the people in them. My goal is to make photographs that tell you the story of the people in them and leave you with a sense of their character as you walk away.

Years ago, I was a morning regular at the famous Four Way Grill in Memphis, TN. I had the privilege of having breakfast there with “The Wisdom” before they opened to the public. After about a week of daily nourishment for my body and mind, I met an old man there who asked me a simple question that has always stuck with me. “Miss Lady, everybody’s got a story to tell, what’s yours?”

I hope you'll give me and my team the privilege, not only to hear your story, but to tell your story in artistic and moving photographs that you will cherish forever.